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Vakoka Vakiteny is a non-for-profit Publishing House which distributes books for free or sells books in order to get fund to produce new books.

We are therefore dependent on your support.

With 10 € you can support the distribution of a book for one child (including printing and transportation).

With 210 € you can support the distribution of a class set of books.

With 350 € you can support the development of a new title in cooperation with Malagasy authors and artists (including salary for the author and artist).


Please donate whatever you can.

Any amount is a great help for our work!


Bank details:

Förderverein Madagaskar Schul- und Kinderbücher e.V.

Sparkasse Wiesental

IBAN: DE 16 683 515 57 000 3077286 — BIC: SOLADES1SFH















Edition Vakoka Vakiteny Madagascar

Vakoka means something precious, something given by the ancestors and worthy protection. The mother tongue is such a precious thing.

Vakiteny means reading. Good books in mother tongue are a treasure and the valuable base for the development of every modern society.

Vakoka Vakiteny is a young and professional publishing company producing literature for children and youth in Malagasy language, created by Malagasy.



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