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Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar


Klaus-Christian KThe Edition Vakoka Vakiteny does a great and important work! Therefore, in 2009, some friends and supporters of the enthusiastic young Malagasy Publishing Company decided to establish the Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar (Förderverein Madagaskar Schul- und Kinderbücher e.V.) in Germany, with the one purpose of supporting their work for the benefit of the Malagasy children. By summer 2022, we had successfully collected more than 65,000 Euro from private people, schools, companies and organisations. Hundred percent of this money has been sent to Madagascar enabling Vakoka Vakiteny to develop, issue and print many colourful and interesting books for children and young people in Madagascar. The results are highly encouraging. 18 titles in more than 32,000 copies have been issued and distributed, most of them financed by our Association.

Below you will find some facts about the Association and you can download a membership application. Active members will be invited to the annual meeting and can actively contribute in the forming of the association’s decisions. Being an active member of the Association is the most efficient form of supporting this important work and gives you a real influence!

Please join us in our effort by becoming a member of the Association, donating books to schools or children or just by giving a one-time donation. We will provide you with information and would be happy to share the joy of cooperating with Vakoka Vakiteny with you.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We promise that every e-mail will be answered.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Klaus-Christian Küspert


Download membership application form




Facts about the Association for School and Children’s Books

in Madagascar

Founded on 2nd June, 2009 in Schopfheim, Baden, Germany

Registered at Amtsgericht Schopfheim under document number VR 429

Purpose of the Association according to the statutes

“The purpose of the association is a moral and financial support of the production and publication of school- and children’s books in Madagascar by the Malagasy children's book publisher Vakoka Vakiteny [...]This will provide a sustainable contribution to the promotion of the Malagasy language and culture, strengthen the publishing system and in general enhance the basic education in Madagascar”

(§2, Article 1 of the statues of the association decided 02.06.2009)


Edition Vakoka Vakiteny Publisher

c/o Mparany Rakotondrainy, manager

P.B. 453, Toliara 601, Madagascar

Tel: 00261 33 03 504 62


Board (since 7/2021)

Chairperson: Dr Klaus-Christian Küspert, Wunsiedel, Germany

Deputy Chairperson: Mr. Hansjörg Willig, Bühl-Neusatz, Germany

Secretary: Ms. Sonja Küspert, Wunsiedel, Germany

Treasurer: Mr. Hubert Kienzler, Schopfheim, Germany



Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar,

c/o Hubert Kienzler

Hans-Vetter-Strasse 125, D- 79650 Schopfheim, Germany

- or -

c/o Dr Klaus Christian Küspert

Bernstein 77, 95632 Wunsiedel, Germany



Bank Account

Account Name:            Förderverein Madagaskar Schul- und Kinderbücher e.V. 

Bank:                                Sparkasse Wiesental

IBAN:                               DE16 6835 1557 0003 0772 86
BIC:                                   SOLADES1SFH



Sustaining member:                      25 € annual fee

Active member:                              25 € annual fee

All members will frequently receive Newsletters from Vakoka Vakiteny. Active members are invited to participate in the meetings of the association with the right to vote. Membership applications (cf. below) are to be sent to the association’s address by mail or by e-mail.

The Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar is a non-profit organization and the donations are tax deductible in Germany. Appropriate receipts will be sent for donations over € 100, or on request.

News from the association

Edition Vakoka Vakiteny Madagascar

Vakoka means something precious, something given by the ancestors and worthy protection. The mother tongue is such a precious thing.

Vakiteny means reading. Good books in mother tongue are a treasure and the valuable base for the development of every modern society.



Every Euro helps us to make more books and spread more joy and knowledge to Malagasy children.

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The Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar supports Vakoka Vakiteny.

News from the Association


Vakoka Vakiteny publishes a newsletter at least every three months. Please send us an e-mail if you want to receive it automatically.

You can also download all our newsletters here.

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