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Toliara - Tuléar

and the South-West of Madagascar

und der Südwesten Madagaskars

et le Sud-Ouest de Madagascar


Author: Dr. Klaus-Christian Küspert
Illustrator maps: Klaus-Christian Küspert
Languages: English, German, French

Vakoka Vakiteny Publishing Company
Antananarivo, 2013
102 pages, 120 pictures, 5 maps
16 - 99 years

ISBN: 978-2-9539577-4-7
15 Euro/45 000 Ar

Toliara – Tuléar is a 102 pages trilingual book (English, German and French). With many pictures and informative texts it gives detailed and inside information about the city and the surroundings. It contains a comprehensive introduction about the whole South West of Madagascar, and the appendix is a small synopsis about the island (geography, nature, language, history, etc.).

The main content of the book is its bright pictures with easy and smooth captions of varying length that make Toliara alive in the reader’s imagination. The book is divided into two parts, the first being about the very city of Toliara and covering diverse topics such as transport and trade, religion, food and gender issues. As for the second part, the surroundings of Toliara in the north, south and inland is covered with special emphasis on nature and the culture of people. As a matter of fact the author is particularly knowledgeable about the tortoises living in this region. Further, the book even covers the very remote Mikoboka mountains east of Toliara.

What makes this book so special is first and foremost the author’s unique familiarity about this area and the people living within it. It does moreover not paint an unnatural glossy picture of Toliara, but also discusses issues like the environmental challenges.

50 % of the sales price of the book is donated to Vakoka Vakiteny for production and free distribution of books in Malagasy language for Malagasy children.

The book is being sold in several bookstores as well as hotels and tourist informations in Antananarivo and Toliara in addition to the Goethezentrum at Analakely in Antananarivo. It can also be ordered directly from Vakoka Vakiteny. We have books stored in Madagascar, Germany and Norway and can send them to all destinations. Purchaser covers shipping. More


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