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Dangaligny sy Konaky


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Help building a school library!

At the school Mahazoarivo II in a vulnerable area of the city Antsirabe, the children are eager readers of Vakoka Vakiteny's books, and the teachers are committed and happy to use books in class. There is one problem; the students have no space to read and study in peace and their greatest wish would be a small school library.

For the realization of the project we need 3000 €!

Vakoka Vakiteny has been working with this school for many years, distributing books and giving courses for the teachers. The library will be built and run by the school's parents' association, which will secure its sustainability. Furthermore, the library would be open to the entire neighbourhood and not only cater for the students at the school.

Please consider giving a Christmas gift for the students and children in the neighbourhood of Mahazoarivo this year, so they can get a space where they can enjoy the fascinating world of books in peace and quiet outside of the classroom.

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Madagasikara sy ny voahariny

Madagascar – a living museum

Madagasikara sy ny voahariny

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This is the newest Vakoka Vakiteny book! It is bilingual Malagasy-English and describes the Malagasy nature with scientifically correct information, photographs, drawings, maps and graphs.

It might be the one and only book you’ll ever need about Madagascar’s nature.


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Toliara - Tuléar

and the South-West of Madagascar

und der Südwesten Madagaskars

et le Sud-Ouest de Madagascar




A trilingual book containing pictures and inside information about the city Toliara   and its surroundings as well as Madagascar in general.

The sale of the book supports the printing and free distribution of children’s books in Malagasy language for Malagasy children through Vakoka Vakiteny.

Written by the Madagascar specialist Klaus-Christian Küspert and containing over 100 pictures and 5 hand painted maps.



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Vakoka means something precious, something given by the ancestors and worthy protection. The mother tongue is such a precious thing.

Vakiteny means reading. Good books in mother tongue are a treasure and the valuable base for the development of every modern society.


Every Euro helps us to make more books and spread more joy and knowledge to Malagasy children.

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The Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar supports Vakoka Vakiteny.

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