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News from the Association

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022 of the Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar

On the 10th of July 2022, the Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar held its 13th Annual Meeting in Herrenwies, Black Forest, Germany. The chairperson, Klaus-Christian Küspert, thanked all participants and members of the Association for their fidelity and perseverance. He happily informed them about another successful year of cooperation with Vakoka Vakiteny. The annual narrative and financial reports were approved without amendments.

The number of active members is 26, two more than the year before

Following the statutes, no elections were to be held this year. The members of the Board and the Auditors are as before:                 

            Chairperson: Dr. Klaus-Christian Küspert

            Deputy Chairperson: Mr. Hansjörg Willig

            Secretary: Mrs. Sonja Küspert

            Treasurer: Mr. Hubert Kienzler

            Auditors: Mr. Hellmut Bauer and Mrs. Anna Lena Kienzler

Annual meeting 2022 

The account balance of the Association on 11th July 2021 was 5.861,14 €. During the financial year 2021/2022, the amount of 9.127,60 €  was transferred to Madagascar including support for building and equipping the school library in Mahazoarivo II, Antsirabe, for the printing of the new book “Come stay with me”, as allowances for Ms. Hanta, and 800 € as emergency aid for people affected by drought in southern Madagascar.  Only 1 % of the donations was used for administrative costs – exclusively for bank and transfer fees.   

The income of the Association during the year was good. We received some significantly larger contributions than the required membership fee from the members, as well as major donations from outside. The account balance on 10th July 2022 was 5490,54 €.

Mr. Mparany Rakotondrainy, the director of Vakoka Vakiteny reported on the activities of 2021/2022. Vakoka Vakiteny can point to very good results for the past year and is a sought-after partner for schools and authorities when it comes to reading and children's books.

He showed pictures from the construction of the library in Mahazoarivo II, Antsirabe. The library is now finished and beautifully decorated inside and outside by a local artist. The feedback from teachers and students is very good.

Mr. Mparany showed also pictures of the school of Mitahy, a very remote place in the Toliara area. There, books were distributed, and training was given to students and teachers. The school cooperates with the Mangoky Reserve   

Vakoka Vakiteny issued one additional book in 2021: Mijanòna eto amiko! (Come stay with me!) written by Nasrin Siege. It is a quality book with very nice pictures for younger children. The cooperation with BookDash  was successful and can be repeated.

The manuscript of Bonenitra II is ready for final proofreading. It is a sequel to Bonenitra I. The illustrator does "street art" in Antsirabe and makes a living from it.

It was unanimously decided that the activities of the Association for School and Children’s Books in Madagascar in cooperation with Vakoka Vakiteny will continue in 2022/23. The Association prioritises the support of the following activities:

1. Printing of Bonenitra II, about 3,500 € for 1000 copies; a revised estimate is awaited.

2. Reprint of Rebila. The cost estimate is still to be obtained.

3. A beautiful day - via BookDash - Approximately 1,200 € for 1000 copies.

4. Workshop about making and using books for high school students and teachers (about 800 €).

It was decided to raise money for the construction of a school library in Ambohimanambola. There are more than 1000 students at primary and secondary schools in Ambohimanambola, and there has been good and long-standing cooperation between the secondary school and Vakoka Vakiteny.

There will be a fundraising campaign for the construction of this library in the pre-Christmas season of 2022. A donation target of 5,000 € seems realistic.

Herrenwies10 th July 2022

Dr. Klaus-Christian Küspert


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or: Dr. Klaus Christian Küspert (chairperson)

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Vakoka means something precious, something given by the ancestors and worthy protection. The mother tongue is such a precious thing.

Vakiteny means reading. Good books in mother tongue are a treasure and the valuable base for the development of every modern society.

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